Heart Rhythm 2015 Sponsorship Opportunities

Organizations require marketing plans that are customized to their unique positions and desired outcomes, and that are flexible enough to accommodate your specific products/services, market goals, brand requirements, and budgetary limits. Successful strategies include delivering early and often through a variety of approaches, including pre-event touch points, onsite recognition and face-to-face interactivity, and post-event follow up and extension of message. The Heart Rhythm Society can help you to reach an audience uniquely targeted to your needs.


Schedule a meeting today with the Heart Rhythm 2015 marketing development team and customize a package that will deliver multiple impressions and broad exposure for high-impact and successful marketing campaigns. We will work with your organization to highlight "core" and “unique” elements that can be used to meet your objectives with our audience. Delivery methods available today are vast in scope and can be easily managed to gain access and influence with your target market. Whether your plans include broad-based branding objectives or tightly focused sales initiatives, from pre-event recognition, e-communications and social media outreach, to onsite signage, electronic sampling and activation, special events and enduring education, the Heart Rhythm Society can assemble packages that will deliver an audience that will assist you in exceeding your business and marketing goals.



Sponsorship Opportunities

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Non-CME Opportunities

For information, please contact:
James McGowan


The Heart Rhythm Society reserves the right to revise any aspect of this sponsorship to preserve the integrity and professional atmosphere of the meeting.

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